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Perfect harmony – our horizontal coating systems deliver consistent visual results and great quality

FreiLacke horizontal system coatings are powder, industrial and electrodeposition coatings, as well as Durelastic (surface solutions for composites), for a wide variety of different components installed next to each other (hence horizontal). Our horizontal coating systems ensure that the coated components match well in terms of colour, gloss and structure so that they can be mounted next to each other without affecting the visual quality. All accessory parts are coated with these coatings so everything looks as if it had been cast from a single mould.

Mechanical engineering – a typical application


By manufacturing different coating systems in one location, we are able to make use of the same colour pigments during the production of different coatings. This guarantees a maximum consistency of colour – even under different lighting conditions.


The coating formulation as well as the way the coating is processed are both important in achieving a desired level of gloss. The baking parameters for powder coatings and strict adherence to the mixing ratios for 2C coatings are further examples of factors influencing the level of gloss. These parameters can be identified by our Technical Applications department and then made available to users of our coating systems.


Regardless of whether a smooth surface or a particular surface texture is required – when different coating types are matched to one another, the powder coating is frequently the starting point for formulating the surface structure. In addition to the coating formulation, it is primarily observance of the coating thickness window that enables the correct flow properties and structures to be achieved when the powder coating is baked in the oven. When using wet coatings, especially structure coatings, optimised application parameters such as nozzle size, material pressures or application speed enable the structure to be matched to the template.

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Industrial coating

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Application examples horizontal system coatings

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