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FreiLacke is focused on achieving certified quality, safety and environmentally sound practices. Thanks to our confident self-image, we are able to act in a manner that is both innovative and forward-looking – always putting our customers, employees and neighbours first. This is why health and safety in the workplace are also a top priority for us.

HSE is a field that focuses firmly on the protection of people and the environment. To achieve the highest possible standards here, we conduct hazard assessments and risk analyses. Then we update them on a regular basis to remain up-to-date consistently. To avoid incidents, our own staff as well as external experts inspect our plant and systems using individually devised inspection concepts. To protect our employees, the surrounding area and the environment, some of our plants are equipped with explosion protection measures, automatic fire extinguishing systems and retaining facilities to hold discharged substances or extinguishing water.

To deal with such incidents, we have an emergency management concept with internal alarm and hazard defence plans. The information gathered from these facilitates contingency planning by external emergency services. In an emergency, our in-house fire brigade works alongside neighbouring fire brigades, rescue services, the police and other organisations. To ensure that these entities can work together smoothly, joint emergency drills are held on a regular basis.

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