Commercial Vehicles

A tough outer shell for powerful machinery – the FreiLacke coating solutions are ready to take on any challenge.

Commercial vehicles are used in a huge variety of different areas and the modern world would simply not function without them. For this reason, vehicle surfaces and coatings have to withstand a variety of different stresses. Applications range from tractors and buses for transporting people and loads, broaching and cleaning vehicles to emergency vehicles for rescue services and disaster control.

These special requirements applicable to surfaces and the consistent implementation of the directive for the avoidance of volatile organic compounds (VOC directive) present both users and coating manufacturers with new challenges. FreiLacke develops and produces all coating systems required in the vehicle construction industry (liquid coatings, powder coatings, electrodeposition coatings and gelcoats) at a single location in a wide range of standard and special colours. FreiLacke thus offers you maximum expertise for economical and environmentally-friendly coating solutions.