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High-quality surface solutions for the challenging processing of plastics

The use of plastics is becoming ever more diverse and significant. Nowadays, there are scarcely any production fields that could cope without plastics or within which plastics are not currently the dominant material. This explains why the requirements governing quality and processing characteristics are so complex, in particular for composites. FreiLacke’s range of surface solutions plays a key role in the production of top-quality, glass fibre-reinforced plastics (GRP), characterised by their light weight, great durability and enhanced colour fastness.

FreiLacke Composites-Lösungen

FreiLacke supplies the decisive components for the manufacture of composites.

The advantages of composites


Composites are often lighter than traditional materials such as metals. This is especially important in industries such as aerospace, automotive and sports equipment construction because lower weight can improve energy efficiency and performance.

Great strength and rigidity

Composites can provide high strength and rigidity. This makes them ideal for applications that require good structural integrity. In turn, this enables thinner and lighter structures with high load-bearing capacity.

Corrosion resistance

Compared to metals, composite materials are often more resistant to corrosion. This makes them ideal for applications in aggressive environments such as those encountered in the chemical industry or in marine environments.

Design flexibility

Composites can be manufactured in various shapes and sizes. Their geometric flexibility enables engineers to create complex shapes and designs, something which is usually much more difficult with traditional materials such as metals.

Electrical insulation

In general, composite materials are good electrical insulators. This is important in applications where electrical conductivity needs to be avoided.

Temperature resistance

Composites have good temperature resistance characteristics. This makes them suitable for applications in extreme temperature ranges.

Long service life

Due to their resistance to corrosion, fatigue and a multitude of environmental factors, composite materials often have longer service lives than conventional materials.

Low maintenance requirements

Composite structures often require less maintenance than metals, especially in environments where materials are prone to wear or corrosion.

Environmental compatibility

In some cases, composite materials can be more environmentally friendly than traditional materials. However, this depends on the specific manufacturing processes and recycling options.


Powder In-Mould Coating

Gelcoats & pigment pastes

Low baking temperature

CM powder

Powder resin system for fibre composites

More than simply a colourful plastic

Composites as system solutions for many different industries.

Nowadays, composites are used in many different industries due to their outstanding strength and durability. Our customers include well-known companies in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering and the sanitary sector. Water-, cold- and heat-resistant parts are used, for example, in the construction industry, boat building or for swimming pools, while materials made from composites can also be found in the leisure and sports sector. This is the key to producing first-class components and composites with virtually no limits in terms of colour variety.

Development of composites for new & conventional applications

Gelcoats are the first colouring layer on glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) components. Just like in other areas, our many years of experience as a manufacturer of top-quality coating systems are also key here. The products used for composites comply with the same protection requirements as classic coatings. Not only that, but these surface materials are also highly resistant to weather and environmental influences of all types and can withstand longer exposure to strong sunlight.

Innovations for industry

Within vehicle construction and mechanical engineering, the use of GRP components had been viewed as problematic for a long time. This is because the bar is set particularly high in this area in relation to stability, weather resistance and efficiency. FreiLacke’s surface solutions for composites have delivered real breath of fresh air into this field. The exceptional colour stability of the surfaces produced is remarkable. Tests in lab conditions prove that, in comparison with traditional materials, the colour fading caused by exposure to UV rays is slowed down significantly or may even be eliminated completely. This is a decisive step forward within vehicle construction, mechanical engineering and many other industries.

Our knowledge: your success

FreiLacke has developed a wide range of products and system solutions for composite components that are now indispensable in a wide variety of industries. A cornerstone of this success is close cooperation with our customers. Ever since our early days, we have been convinced that true quality of service is only possible if problems and tasks have also been viewed from the customer’s perspective, and are fully understood as a result. When can we develop the perfect system solution for your future success? Please contact us if you have questions about any areas of application or would like to discuss your individual needs with capable and committed partners!

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