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The international provisions published by GSB International and Qualicoat serve as the quality benchmark of FREIOTHERM powder coatings for facades. These powder coatings can be offered in all colours in label-free formulations. Three gloss levels in a smooth version are currently available in the standard range and a product series in fine textured matt product series in the weather-resistant range.

Beschichtungslösungen für Fassaden von FreiLacke

The properties and advantages of powder-based facade coatings

Powder coatings developed specifically for facades are highly weather-resistant. They provide building surfaces with long-lasting and reliable protection against environmental and climatic factors. Furthermore, facade coatings need to demonstrate superlative colour stability and gloss retention – and our powder coatings for facades meet the most stringent of standards. As with all powder coating systems, FreiLacke facade coatings also enable up to 99% of the material involved to be utilised. Facades and other surfaces of buildings get coated effectively. The need for eco-efficiency is also taken as read: our powder coatings contain no solvents so are not an environmental hazard.

Facade coatings with a range of visual effects

Check the FreiLacke website where you will find an inventory list of our facade powder coatings. There you can search for different surfaces, gloss levels and effects. Simply select your desired products or send an enquiry directly to us. These powder coatings are available in all colours in label-free formulations. It is also possible to search directly by article number or colour.

We currently offer three gloss levels and facade coatings with a matt fine structure for highly weather-resistant applications.

Quality powder coatings from FreiLacke

The international regulations of the GSB International and Qualicoat quality associations provide a quality benchmark for the FREIOTHERM powder coatings used on facades. As well as high product quality, we also offer our customers a general and comprehensive package of services for facade coatings and powder coatings. We can also provide corrosion protection systems, liquid coatings and other coating systems.

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