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FreiLacke – System coatings & application solutions

We develop and produce all conventional coating systems under one roof.
We are thus able to offer our customers not only all the important coating technologies but can also match these to the respective coating structure and finish to optimum effect.

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Increase productivity with UV coating systems

UV coating systems of FreiLacke23.01.2020
UV coating systems from FreiLacke are curing particularly quickly and offer outstanding mechanical properties Coatings protect surfaces, provide them with new functions and refine them with special colours and haptic elements. UV coatings with environmentally friendly properties are becoming increasingly…
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Strength within the system

FreiLacke Advanced TrainLab9.01.2020
FreiLacke is the only company to supply both powder coatings and wet coatings in a combined system to the advanced TrainLab   FreiLacke developed the coating system for use in both the original coating and re-coating processes.   [caption id="attachment_37054"…
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Grand opening of new powder coating production facility

FreiLacke celebrates with a big family day and 1,800 guests With a new powder coating production hall and the adjacent new logistics centre, FreiLacke is creating important production capacities, state-of-the-art ergonomic workstations and optimised production processes. It was built using…
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UHS systems in Drive Technology

UHS systems of FreiLacke in Drive Technology25.07.2019
Increase throughput and reduce costs with UHS systems Fast-drying UHS systems from FreiLacke are VOC-compliant, reduce work processes and make the dryer unnecessary Coatings with a particularly high solids content, so-called UltraHighSolids, not only meet the requirements for VOC but…
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