Ensuring supply availability. – Determining the use/descriptors

FreiLacke provides you with information about the activities concerning “REACH”, the European chemicals regulation.
As a manufacturer of coatings and coating materials, we are classified as a so-called “downstream user” under the REACH regulation and have no direct obligation to register our finished products. In this context, however, we ensure that the respective manufacturers or importers of the materials used by us are registered in the future with the European Chemicals Agency corresponding to their use in the coating industry.
The required uses/descriptors were determined and disclosed to our raw material suppliers. Our suppliers are asked to include them during creation of the exposure scenarios as well as during registration. As a result, we have initiated measures that guarantee our supply capability.
At FreiLacke, the legal requirements are promptly implemented. Therefore, as a processor of our industrial coatings, you are on the safe side.