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In the 1960s, FreiLacke decided to develop powder coatings. The significant success of our company within this area proves that the decision was the correct one. Today, FreiLacke is one of the leading companies in this field. Our product range includes a diverse selection of powder coatings for a wide range of applications. This especially includes steel and light alloy wheels, for which great value is placed upon visually flawless coatings. Furthermore, we can count companies within the vehicle construction industry as well as mechanical and apparatus engineering as some of our satisfied customers. FreiLacke powder coatings are also essential for the coating of wood or plastic materials, as well as within the furniture industry and construction and sanitation. They do not merely stand for colour, but also for unmatched quality. Whether at home or in the office, people come across our coatings every day. Your company can also enjoy many advantages:

Beneficial for your process and the environment.

For FreiLacke powder coatings, there is a material utilisation rate of up to 99%. As a result, coatings with our products are highly economical and ecologically-efficient. Our powder coatings are amongst the most environmentally-friendly coating agents on the market today. They are free of solvents and do not pose any health hazards during application or manufacture. For us, this is a self-evident fact, since our commitment to the European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS certification) has been a key obligation for our company since 1996.

A product with a future.

FreiLacke powder coatings offer tremendous chemical and mechanical resistance. They are also entirely effective in terms of health protection, both during manufacture and application. All of these are good reasons why this environmentally-friendly type of coating is becoming increasingly important.

It couldn’t be more flexible.

Variable layer thicknesses, optimum colour consistency, easy colour change – choose what you want: FreiLacke powder coatings demonstrate how top-quality performance is achieved.

Extra value thanks to energy-efficient powder coatings.

Energy-efficient powder coatings are primarily low-temperature powder coatings or fast-reacting powder coatings (NT). Many users of such powder coatings look for the opportunity to lower baking temperatures, thereby achieving direct reductions in oil and gas consumption. However, energy-efficient powder coatings can also increase productivity within the coating system. The baking oven frequently constitutes a bottleneck point in the process. At low baking temperatures, the use of powder coatings can significantly shorten the oven throughput time, thereby increasing the line speed.

Take off into the future with new application fields.

With energy-efficient powder coatings, you can take advantage of new products and application fields for your company. The range of parts can also be expanded by their usage. With extremely thin-walled or thick-walled parts, the lower peak temperature during the coating process reduces the risk of the colour overheating and yellowing. At the same time, new application areas can open up. These are, for example, coatings of wood materials (MDF) or plastic components, or surfaces made of polyester, polyurethane or acrylic. In addition, this process can also include metallic substrates which cannot, for functional reasons, be exposed to any higher temperatures, or fully assembled modules which are also subject to a limit on peak temperatures.


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