Industrial coatings


When the going gets tough in industry and production, protective coatings of particularly high quality are always in demand. For industrial applications, FreiLacke liquid coatings provide highly effective solutions for the coating of all surfaces that need to withstand heavy stresses. Whether such heavy stresses are due to corrosion, chemicals or weather influences, FreiLacke provides the optimum protective coating for all areas of application. For example, these can be for machines and systems used within the production area, or for construction machinery, containers, wheels, piping systems and many other items. An extra benefit that you should take advantage of: As a leading system supplier, FreiLacke develops and produces all coatings under one roof. This makes FreiLacke your ideal partner for all industrial surface coatings.

For all types of coating.

Our liquid coatings work to optimum effect on all levels of the coating structure. For this reason, they are always the first choice as primer or filler, basecoat or top coat and also in single-coat systems.

For all surfaces.

Whether steel, stainless steel, galvanised substrates, aluminium, or plastic – FreiLacke offers the best coating system for every surface. Wood materials are also optimally refined with our liquid coatings and other products. As a result, our customers include many contract coaters and notable suppliers within the furniture industry, amongst others.

For all requirements.

FreiLacke industrial coatings leave nothing to be desired – with the requested effects and in various gloss levels. Regardless of the intended function or application, whether for interior or exterior use: FreiLacke industrial coatings meet all requirements. And those who still think exclusively of classic colours such as industrial grey or red when industrial coating is mentioned can easily bring themselves up to date with the aid of FreiLacke’s product range. Our liquid coatings are visually and colourfully diverse, and offer almost limitless possibilities.

Precise calculations provide the best basis for decision-making

Making a decision on a coating product or an application method requires a lot of thought, particularly with regard to efficiency and economy. However, we at FreiLacke can assist you here. Because we develop our products ourselves in addition to manufacturing them, we also have reliable data for all required calculations at our disposal, for example: density, volume, solids content, efficiency of application and many more. Whether you are interested in an exact comparative calculation of powder and liquid coatings or expressive values for multi-layer coating systems: Don’t hesitate to contact us! Our specialists will get in touch with you promptly.

Use our know-how for your planning security.

It is often necessary to switch to a coating system that you have little or no prior experience with. In cases like this, we encourage you to take advantage of our comprehensive know-how in the area of process and system planning. We are there for you to help you select the optimum coating system. If you wish, this may start from the initial discussion with the system manufacturer. Our experience will strengthen your negotiating position and aid you in making the best possible decision.




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