Surface solutions for Composites


The use of plastics is becoming ever more diverse and important. Nowadays, there are hardly any production fields that could manage without plastics or within which plastics are not currently the dominant material. The requirements concerning quality and processing characteristics are accordingly complex, particularly for composites. The surface solutions for composites of FreiLacke play a key role in the production of top-quality, glass fibre-reinforced plastics (GRP), which are distinguished by their low weight, high durability and superior colour fastness.

Composites are much more than colourful plastic.

With Composites, FreiLacke provides all the key components for GRP, such as gelcoats for spreading and spraying, pigment pastes, adhesives, polyester resins, laminating and casting resins as well as materials and additives: all in FreiLacke’s unmistakeably high quality. The result: guaranteed production of first-class components, with a practically limitless variation of colours.

Composites-developments for new applications.

Gelcoats are the first colouring layers on glass fibre-reinforced plastics. Just like in other areas, our many years of experience as a manufacturer of top-quality coating systems are also key here. Composites products fulfil the same protection requirements as classic coatings. Not only that, but surfaces produced with Composites are also highly resistant to weather and environmental influences of all types and can withstand longer exposure to strong sunlight.

Composites system solutions for many different industries.

Due to their outstanding qualities with regard to strength and durability, Composites are currently employed in many different industries. As a result, our customers include notable companies within the automotive industry, mechanical engineering as well as the sanitary sector. GRP parts that are resistant to water, heat and cold are also used in the construction industry, boat building or for swimming pools, while materials produced with Composites can also be found in the leisure and sports sectors.

Innovations for industry.

Within vehicle construction and mechanical engineering, the use of GRP components had been viewed as problematic for a long time. This is because the bar is set particularly high in this area with regard to stability, weather resistance and efficiency. FreiLacke’s surface solutions for Composites has been a breath of fresh air here. For example, our products allow the manufacture of components with coating thicknesses that are up to 60% lower. This not only results in faster hardening, but also greater throughput (quantities) during production. The lower coating thickness that is now possible facilitates more diverse forms and application possibilities for Composites. Also significant is the vastly improved colour fastness of surfaces produced with Composites. Tests in lab conditions prove that, in comparison with traditional materials, so-called fading caused by exposure to UV rays is significantly slowed down or even completely prevented. This is a decisive step forward within vehicle construction, mechanical engineering and many other industries.

Our knowledge: your success.

Under Composites, FreiLacke has developed a multitude of products and system solutions that are currently considered indispensable within a wide variety of industries. A cornerstone of this success is the close cooperation with our customers. Ever since our early days, we have been convinced that true quality of service is only possible if problems and tasks have also been viewed from the customer’s perspective, and are fully understood as a result. When can we develop the perfect system solution for your future success? Please contact us if you have questions about any areas of application or would like to discuss your individual needs with capable and committed partners!




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