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Powder coatings

Solvent-free, modern, environmentally-friendly – a FreiLacke coating system for the future

In the 1960s, FreiLacke made the decision to develop powder coatings. There’s no doubt that this was the right decision. Today, FreiLacke is one of the leading companies in this field. With a broad range of products for different application areas, Frei powder coatings today rank amongst the most environmentally-friendly coating agents currently available on the market.

Beneficial for your process and the environment
Frei powder coatings are completely solvent-free and offer up to 99% material utilisation. Consequently, this coating method is incredibly economical and, at the same time, eco-efficient.

A product with a future
Frei powder coatings offer tremendous chemical and mechanical resistance. They are also entirely effective in terms of health protection, both during manufacture and application. All good reasons why this environmentally-friendly type of coating is becoming increasingly important.

It couldn’t be more flexible
Variable layer thicknesses, optimum colour consistency, easy colour change – it’s your choice. Frei powder coatings offer an optimum performance in every respect.

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