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There’s nothing we enjoy talking about more than research and development. This is because, at FreiLacke, we like to define the state-of-the-art ourselves.

Picture the following: laboratory assistants, engineers, technicians and sales staff, as well as employees from production, quality and environmental management, sitting down at a table with the customer. They discuss how to do things even better. At FreiLacke, we call this discussion “research and development” and what emerges really holds water. This is because this close, interdisciplinary dialogue and the combination of expertise and experience gained during the course of more than 80 years of collaboration is the key to ensuring the profitability and innovative strength of all FreiLacke services. As we work interactively, all improvements and new products are consistently in line with the market and with the growing standards for environmental compatibility.

All products and whole product systems are tested until market maturity and optimised for the respective industry and practical applications; they are also aligned with new raw-material technologies and with new process and plant engineering. We don’t leave anything to chance. We select our innovative suppliers and raw materials according to strict criteria. Our collaboration with research institutes and professional associations guarantees the innovative, dynamic development of this production process – which ensures that our solution is also always the best one for you.

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