Application technology – qualification for quality.


Most of our learning has come via our customers. They teach us the most important lessons. The more we get to know our individual customers and their business and the deeper our understanding of their processes, the more successful we become in offering a solution best suited to a customer’s needs.

We see our customer as a partner whose care we value above all else.

Service – before delivery

  • We can carry out trials on our pilot equipment or at pretreatment suppliers or equipment manufacturers to assist you in system planning as well as in further optimisation.
  • Our applications engineers will assist you in phasing in our coatings on your coating/production units.

Service – during delivery

  • Do you want to motivate your staff and offer them more skills? We can help you to provide training and professional development to your unit managers and coaters.
  • We can carry out specific checks for you on actual workpieces and then analyse the results with you.
  • We can document and check your processes so that you are guaranteed a continuous coating cycle.
  • We will gladly supply you with documentation and advice when you carry out audits.
  • Are you having problems with your powder-baking furnace? We will carry out a detailed examination and will optimise the performance of your power baking furnace.
  • Our technical support is then at hand to assist at intervals that have been agreed with the respective customer. Should any coating or application-related faults occur, our technical support will provide you with assistance as quickly as possible.

Do you have any questions about application technology for our expert personnel? We will be happy to advise you.