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Ultra-High-Solid-platform Technologies

Innovative high-solid and ultra-high-solid coating systems for pumps, compressors and industrial applications

The steadily growing requirements placed on surface coatings and the continuous reduction of the total VOC content in paints and coatings led FreiLacke to develop Ultra-High-Solid systems or UHS for short.
In the field of conventional coatings, completely new coating systems with a solids content of up to 80 percent by weight and a VOC value < 350 g/l were developed and brought to series-production readiness for this purpose.


Why High-Solid or Ultra-High-Solid?

For the sake of the Environment!

The use of high solids content coatings can significantly reduce the emission of organic solvents (VOCs). FreiLacke distinguishes between High-Solid coatings (HS for short) and Ultra-High-Solid coatings (UHS for short).
The designations HS and UHS refer to the solids content of a coating. For FreiLacke, high solids means that the proportion of solids in the coating is 70 % (by weight) or more. If the solids content is 80 % or higher, the paints fall into the Ultra-High-Solid category.


Fast drying – great energy-saving potential

High solids content in combination with a fast drying process is achieved with the primer UR1407 and the top coat UR1984.
After drying for 90 minutes at room temperature, the coated parts are packaging ready and the drying oven can be switched off, thus enabling large quantities of energy to be saved. Or the oven remains in operation and the throughput time can be shortened even further, thereby increasing the throughput.


UHS single-layer Coating

The 2C-PU-UHS primer UR1937 can also be applied very well as a single-layer coating. 750 h on shot blasted steel are passed without any problems in the salt spray test. The coating is available in all RAL colours, or also specially coloured according to customer requirements.
Thanks to better light resistance compared to epoxy systems, parts primed with UR1937 can also easily be stored outdoors and recoated after cleaning. This system is characterised by 80 % solids content in the ready-to-use condition, easy processing (pneumatic, Airmix, Airless and ESTA application possible) as well as excellent resistances.



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