The Powder-in-Powder principle

Currently, the double baking of larger, heavier components is required. Long baking times in the oven cause a lot of time and energy to be consumed.

A Powder-in-Powder system requires only a single baking process for the primer and top coat. As a positive result the technology consumes less energy and reduces process times.


Comparison of coating processes

Pulver-in-Pulver Beschichtungsprozess



Advantages Powder-in-Powder

  • Productivity increase of up to 50%
      – Shorter coating process
  • Energy savings
      – Elimination of one baking process
  • High level of corrosion protection
      – Especially on the edges in comparison to single-layer polyester powder coating
  • High weather resistance
      – Use of a super durable polyester top coat
  • Lower investment and maintenance costs
      – One less oven needed
    1. – One less cooling zone needed
    1. – Savings in conveyor technology
    1. – Less space needed
Powder-in-Powder corrosion protection edges


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