Energy-efficient powder coatings

Lower baking temperature – many advantages

The term energy-efficient powder coatings is directly associated with what are known as low-temperature powder coatings or fast-reacting powder coatings (NT).
For energy-related purposes, many powder coating processors look for the opportunity to lower baking temperatures, thereby achieving direct reductions in oil and gas consumption. The use of energy-efficient powder coatings is of course beneficial in this respect. However, that is only one reason for using them.

Reduction of baking temperatures in the oven

This results in the direct reduction of oil/gas consumption.

Increase of productivity within the coating system

The baking oven frequently constitutes a bottleneck point in the process. All too frequently, space constraints make it physically impossible to increase the size of the oven. At certain baking temperatures, the line speed can be increased, thereby shortening the oven throughput time.

Expansion of the component range

When the component range is very heterogeneous, e.g. ranging from very thin to very thick components, the risk of discolouration can be reduced substantially by reducing peak temperatures to create less intensive baking conditions.

Opening up new fields of application

These can, for example, take the form of wood materials (MDF) or plastic components. In addition, this process can also include other metallic substrates which cannot, for functional reasons, be exposed to any higher temperatures, or fully assembled modules which are also subject to a limit on peak temperatures.
The product overview and application examples for our energy-efficient powder coatings can be found in the brochure of the same name in our download centre.

Energy calculators

Just get in touch with us! We can advise you on all aspects of the use of energy-efficient powder coatings. Using our energy calculator, we can show you our potential cost-savings directly. Our service package also includes finding the optimum oven setting for your range of parts.



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