E-coating, also shortened to EC, refers to a unique type of coating which is applied to metal surfaces using a so-called electro-deposition process. During this process, the entire workpiece is immersed in a bath of electrically charged paint or resin particles to overcoat even hard-to-reach areas. The e-coat is attracted to the metal surface and forms a continuous layer of lacquer. The coating film ensures corrosion prevention and provides durability. E-coatings also function from aesthetic points of view.

FreiLacke develops the optimum customer solution for your application. They always are based on the high-performance and qualitatively pioneering FreiLacke e-coating systems.

The advantages of e-coatings

Compared to other surface technology processes, electrocoating results in significant material savings because there are no losses due to overspray. Modern electrodeposition coatings are environmentally friendly and optimised for low energy consumption.

High efficiency

A key advantage of e-coatings is the high efficiency of the procedure. During this, an ultrafine film is evenly applied to the entire surface of the part to be coated – including areas that are hard to access. As a result, the need for reworking is largely eliminated, and the scrap risk is minimised. In comparison with, for example, spray coating, e-coating ensures a significantly lower level of waste.

FreiLacke e-coatings are furthermore highly energy-efficient when it comes to the application process. The baking temperatures are up to 30 degrees lower and consequently ensure significant energy savings.

Improved environmental friendliness

FreiLacke e-coatings offer several advantages regarding the environment. First, they are produced using a water-based formula which significantly reduces VOC emissions (volatile organic compounds) and makes them more environmentally friendly than solvent-based coatings. Second, the e-coating process generates minimal waste and allows for high material utilization rates. This reduces the amount of material required and minimizes waste disposal costs. Third, FreiLacke e-coatings are free of heavy metals and other harmful substances, making them safer both for the workers and the environment. Finally, the use of enduring FreiLacke e-coatings can help extend the service life of metal parts and structures, reducing the need for frequent maintenance, repairs, and replacements, and thus reducing the environmental impact of these activities.

Perfect finish and highly effective protection

FreiLacke’s multi-layer coating systems not only guarantee the best protection and the highest functionality, but also enable a smooth, fine, or coarse-textured finishes, depending on the specific requirements.

A good application example for electrocoating is the coating of control panels, computer housings and similar products. They protect valuable technology of computer systems and are important for the functioning of entire production plants. FreiLacke system coatings with e-coatings provide casings with a coating that is as high-tech as their contents.

Areas of application for e-coatings

E-coatings are used in various industries such as automotive, aerospace, and household appliances to provide corrosion resistance, durability, and aesthetic appeal to metal parts.

In the automotive industry, e-coatings are used for coating car body parts, such as doors, bonnets, and wings. Electro-dip coatings provide an even and durable surface coating that protects against corrosion and other environmental influences.

In the electronics industry, this sort of coating is used to coat circuit boards, capacitors, and other electronic components. The coating protects the components from moisture, chemicals, and other environmental influences.

In the metal industry, e-coatings are used for coating metal parts. The coating protects the metal parts from corrosion and other environmental influences.

In the household appliance industry, the coatings not only protect refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers and other appliances from different environmental influences, but also gives them an attractive finish.

Also, radiators and heating devices are ideally coated with a combination of e-coatings and powder coatings. An anodic e-coating serves as a primer onto which a powder coating is added.

A core component: our service for your optimal solution

FreiLacke will provide you with optimal support for your application. As part of a personal consultation, we will be happy to help you select the suitable products. Furthermore, our in-house test laboratories test the conformity to standards of numerous properties, including corrosion protection, chemical and mechanical resistance, and light and weather fastness.

If requested, we carry out extensive pretesting in our labs in order to optimally adapt the e-coating to your process practice. This is supplemented by on-site coating tests at your plant. This way, FreiLacke ensures the uniform high quality of your very specific coating solution.



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