Electrodeposition coatings


Coating with a FreiLacke electrodeposition coating (EC) is the economical and environmentally-friendly method of protecting and embellishing metal substrates. The procedure is principally suitable for all conductive metals and alloys. The component to be coated can be connected either as a cathode (cathodic electrodeposition coating) or as an anode. Electrodeposition coating as a method of corrosion protection is used in the automotive industry as well as many other sectors. The EC method enables process recycling and can be fully automated. Ranging from heaters to switch cabinets and shelves – FreiLacke electrodeposition coatings give surfaces great mechanical strength and are ideal for customer-specific developments.

Always the optimum result.

Whether anodic (anodic EC/+ pole) or cathodic (cathodic EC/-pole) deposition: FreiLacke also develops the optimum customer solution for your application. The basis is always the high-performance and qualitatively pioneering FreiLacke EC systems. Today, cathodic EC procedures are indispensable – in particular within the ithin bodywork construction sector. They play a decisive role in corrosion protection and extending the service life of bodywork, wheels and other vehicle components.

High efficiency.

A key advantage of e-coatings is the high efficiency of the procedure. During this procedure, an even film is applied to the entire surface – including areas that are contorted and therefore difficult to access. The need for reworking is largely eliminated, and the scrap risk is minimised. Furthermore, in comparison with spray coating, electrodeposition coating ensures a significantly lower level of paint loss.

Improved environmental compatibility.

The use of electrodeposition coatings guarantees less strain on the environment, e.g. due to solvent vapours, in comparison with other coating processes. . The burden on employees is also significantly lower. FreiLacke has also made waves with its development of special, energy-efficient electrodeposition coatings. These facilitate baking temperatures that are up to 30 degrees lower, and consequently ensure significant energy savings.

Perfect finish and highly effective protection – together

Good e-coating application examples include the coating of control cabinets, control panels, computer casings and similar products. These protect, for example, the valuable technology of computer systems or telecommunication centres and are essential components in the running of entire production systems. FreiLacke system coatings provide such casings with a coating that is just as high-tech as their contents. In addition, stylish or custom designs are also frequently requested.
Multi-layer coating systems with electrodeposition coating from FreiLacke – whether as liquid or powder coatings – are always the preferred choice. You are not merely guaranteed the best protection and functionality, but also a smooth, fine-structured or coarse finish – your choice.

We don’t just produce coatings but also know-how

FreiLacke will provide you with optimal support for your application. As part of a personal consultation, we will be happy to help you select the suitable products. But we don’t stop there: Our very own testing labs check whether numerous elements – such as corrosion protection, chemical and mechanical resistance as well as light and weather fastness – are compliant with the relevant standards. Furthermore, should you so wish, extensive pretesting can be carried out in our labs to ensure perfect tailoring to your individual process. This is supplemented by on-site coating tests at your plant. In this way, FreiLacke ensures the uniform high quality of your very specific coating solution. Take advantage of this know-how offered by our service!



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