Ultra-High-Solid (UHS) platform technologies

VOC-compatible Coating – with significantly reduced solvent consumption.

The steadily growing requirements placed on surface coatings and the continuous reduction of the total VOC content in paints and coatings led FreiLacke to develop Ultra-High-Solid systems or UHS for short.

In the field of conventional coatings, completely new coating systems with a solids content of up to 80 percent by weight and a VOC value < 350 g/l were developed and brought to series-production readiness for this purpose.

The new UHS systems also include two primers and a high-gloss top coat.




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Ultra-High-Solid Singlelayer system

Cost savings in production and logistics

Ever-increasing requirements are being placed on coating systems, whether they pertain to surface quality or the efficiency of the Coating process. In addition, there are also VOC requirements which are leading to the rising use of environmentally friendly water-borne coatings, powder coatings and high-solid systems. Users are looking for coating systems with an approx. 80 percent solids content by weight in order to safely stay below the VOC threshold of 420 g/l. These types of system can also be described as Ultra-High-Solid systems.

The requirements placed on high-quality industrial coatings are conventionally met using multilayer coating structures. As well as cathodic ECs, 2C epoxy primers are also used in combination with 2C PU top coats. This coating System boasts excellent coating properties, both in terms of adhesive strength and corrosion protection and in terms of surface properties, UV resistance and chemical resistances.
The disadvantages of this process are the use of several coating systems as well as the increased time required for application and/or evaporation/ drying, which generally results in higher Coating costs.



Singlelayer FreiLacke
Singlelayer coating process FreiLacke
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Applications examples of UHS and Singlelayer