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Terms of use

The Emil Frei GmbH & Co. KG (hereinafter referred to as FreiLacke) makes images available online via the homepage at The use of the FreiLacke image material is subject to the following terms of use. By downloading the images, you agree to the terms of use.

All images within the online image database are protected by copyright. For each publication, the Emil Frei GmbH & Co. KG must be listed as the source as “FreiLacke”.

The images may be used for editorial purposes in printed and online publications within the framework of the applicable press and copyright laws. For any other type of use, approval must be obtained from the head of marketing ( FreiLacke reserves the right to revoke an approval for use in specific cases, with the consequence that the use of the downloaded images must be refrained from. A copyright may not be transferred.

The use is free of charge.

Publication and use for commercial reasons (e.g. advertisement) as well as the sale or licensing of the images are all prohibited.

Following use, the images must be deleted immediately. Archiving the images is not permitted.

Changing, processing, montaging or manipulating the images in any way is prohibited and requires prior written consent from FreiLacke.

The images must not be reproduced in any way that distorts the meaning or is in any way damaging to FreiLacke. The images must also not be used in connection with criminal, tortious or otherwise illegal activities.

FreiLacke provides no guarantee or assurance that it will possess all ownership rights for the images. Damage claims against FreiLacke as a result of the violation of third party rights are excluded.

FreiLacke reserves the right to delete or change the data stored in the image database at any time. Deleted data may not be used any longer.

For every publication in print, a specimen copy must be sent to FreiLacke without request and free of charge. In the event of online publication, the exact link must be forwarded to the email address listed below.

On each occasion, a specimen copy or link to a publication must be sent to:

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