Metallic gelcoats for horse trailers


Gelcoats that can be used outdoors are hardly distinguishable from the resin base that is to be used. The so-called ISO NPG qualities are essential for weather and UV resistance as well as environmental influences. Only the pigments being used, which can be coordinated with the system coating requirements if necessary (but also without system coating connection), make the difference.

The gelcoat to be used for trailers – in this case specifically for horse trailers – which was recently developed, is a small exception. In this particular application, the colour shade issue plays only a minor role since the end customer places great value on optics, such as the metallic effect and high gloss level. The gloss level is 98%. In order to achieve this fancy and unique effect, the gelcoats are provided with the correspondingly high quality metallic or glitter elements. With the support of the colleagues responsible for metallics in our wheels department, the high requirements that Anssems Anhängerbau outlined with regard to the desired effects were met.

As opposed to plain-coloured gelcoats, the key to metallic gelcoats is an optimal and uniform application that allows the desired coating thickness to be achieved. Normally, any type of varnish run shows up on the surface as an unappealing disruption of the metallic effect.

In the case of the new quality we developed, a very good compromise between application and effect evenness was achieved. If the gelcoat is applied correctly, a tendency toward varnish runs or sinking can be avoided and a slight slippage of the effect is not noticeable.

Subsequent coatings in the colour of the car, even partial ones, can be carried out effortlessly due to a specially devised ventilation – without pores or the formation of craters.

Cycle times, including a fibre spraying laminate, are between 3-4 hours.

The deformation of high-gloss components without subsequent polishing is made possible by a shape sealer and a special separating agent that was developed by manager Norbert Westkamp, as well as the new specially produced moulds that Anssems Anhänger GmbH developed in-house.

The production, which is currently being set up at Anssems, is supposed to be expanded to up to 2,000 trailers per year through continuous production planning, the optimisation of processes, etc.

For illustration purposes, a component will be presented at this year’s Composite Europe in Stuttgart. Allow yourself to be inspired by the effect.

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