Measures to combat the corona crisis

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Showing solidarity. Measures to combat the corona crisis

An invisible enemy keeps the world on edge. An enemy that does not care about skin colour, borders or religion. Everything is different now compared to just a few weeks ago. The coronavirus pandemic is paralysing our economy and our society alike. It requires the utmost flexibility and forward-looking actions from each of us.

Our actions. Our contribution.

Our social life has come to a virtual standstill and the number of people who have become infected still increases exponentially. FreiLacke has a special obligation to its employees and its customers. Our main goal is to protect our employees and to ensure that they remain safe and sound. By protecting our employees, we ensure that we maintain our production capability and minimise additional risks along the entire value chain. The measures we have initiated are based on the assessments and recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute.
All measures, such as the introduction of shift operations in the logistics and development departments, serve to keep our operations and the functionality of all departments going.
Thanks to our excellent IT infrastructure, we were able to ensure that employees from different departments can work from home and teams can keep working together by taking advantage of video conferencing options.
A crisis response team consisting of the company management, department heads, the HR department and the works council meets daily to evaluate the situation and initiate the corresponding measures.
By taking advantage of the tool of “Kurzarbeit”, i.e. reducing the hours of employees without laying them off, our capacity is reduced to the necessary level while also maintaining our supply capability. In Germany, the government provides financial support for Kurzarbeit in order to ensure liquidity and financial leeway.
FreiLacke is aware of its responsibility in the region and will support it to the best of its abilities in these difficult times in order to ensure that a positive future lies ahead.

Sharing responsibility. Showing solidarity. Being thankful.

First and foremost, we want to thank all those who tirelessly work night and day to keep our society going, to protect our families and to make sure we have the supplies we need.
We also want to thank all those who keep the economy running and selflessly show solidarity by volunteering to assist their fellow human beings, businesses and institutions.
As a family-owned company we are also aware of our responsibility to the region and will do all we can to make a meaningful contribution to it during and after this crisis.

Stay healthy!