Grand opening of new powder coating production facility

FreiLacke celebrates with a big family day and 1,800 guests

With a new powder coating production hall and the adjacent new logistics centre, FreiLacke is creating important production capacities, state-of-the-art ergonomic workstations and optimised production processes. It was built using cutting edge technology to ensure a sustainable and resource-conserving production.

A total of 1,800 guests – employees and their families, invited guests and local residents – enjoyed bright sunshine and tours that allowed them to get a first-hand look at the new production processes.
The new facility that FreiLacke has created in around two years on 11,000 square metres of company grounds in Bräunlingen is a clear and tangible nod to the Döggingen location. The new high-bay storage warehouse offers space for a total of 3,500 pallets. In addition, the processes between production and logistics have been optimised further to ensure short transport routes between the departments.

Residents and employees were involved in the planning stage.

When launching a project of this magnitude in a community like Döggingen, it is also necessary to discuss the plans in advance with the neighbours: “We kept them well informed beforehand with regard to our goals and also incorporated the concerns of residents in our plans”, said Hans-Peter Frei. Safety issues were especially important to neighbours. And the construction generated noise that had to be minimised. The company spent a lot of money on doing so.
Internal project teams from different departments were also involved in the project from the start to “achieve optimal process improvements”, stated Frei.

Additional construction projects

In addition to the new powder coating production facility, another storey is currently being added to the administration building, which is also getting an upgrade to make it more energy efficient. In addition, new office concepts are being implemented.
Now that the new building has been completed, the company’s construction goal is to make sure existing buildings meet the latest standards – all while preserving resources. Old materials will be maintained and no new areas will be used for construction.


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