FREOPUR Polyurea-Gelcoats in series production

Application examples at Liebherr and Aquaproduction


The new FreiLacke gel coat based on an aliphatic polyurea system allows a reduction of the coating thickness in comparison to conventional polyester gel coats. A further advantage is its exceptional UV resistance.

The advantages are obvious and they are now being implemented in series production at Liebherr/Lienz and Aquaproduction SAS in France, amongst others. Due to the very short curing time, very short cycle times can also be achieved during component manufacturing. The application of such materials takes place using 2C high-pressure coating lines and special moulds. An investment in production processes, coating line technology and mould construction is therefore required. However, by applying the coating system as a liquid component, additional interesting possibilities can be implemented.

In both cases, the process is implemented specifically due to its versatility with regard to design, the profitability of the production process as well as the variety of colour shades.
The combinations and possibilities of composites are endless and, due to their outstanding properties, their range of application is enormous. Thanks to FreiLacke’s many years of experience in the area of Durelastic, the results can be used during the development of new application solutions.
Many other interesting applications are possible and are pursued intensively in the Sales and Development departments.