Quality begins with production.


At FreiLacke, nothing is more important to us than the outstanding quality of our products. With perhaps just one exception: the satisfaction of our customers.

In FreiLacke production, all processes are coordinated and synchronised to optimum effect. Direct collaboration with our in-house development laboratories and a streamlined organisational structure enable us to manufacture our solutions quickly, economically and with careful use of resources.
Thanks to the fact that we develop and produce both liquid and powder coatings, we are able to react flexibly to the needs of our customers and are well-positioned for the future.

Industrial coating production process

1. Fully-automatic and semi-automatic weighing of the components – binders, pigments/fillers, solvents and additives
2. Pre-dispersion of the components
3. Continuous dispersion
4. Completion with further binders, solvents and additives
5. Filtration
6. Filling the container

Powder coating production process

1. Semi-automatic weighing of the components – solid resins, hardeners, additives and pigments
2. Premixing of raw materials
3. Extrusion
4. The extruded material is cooled by chill rolls and a cooling conveyor and is then coarsely milled
5. The product is ground and unwanted fines are separated
6. Protective sieving
7. Filling the container ready for sale