Powder coating metallic trends for facades

Colour selection in architecture with the Urban Collection from FreiLacke “There is no shape without colour” – guided by this quote from sculptor Rudolf Maison, FreiLacke created a new paint collection with metallic colours for facades. The resulting URBAN COLLECTION presents 24 trendy polyester paints with an urban context. For facade applications on aluminium or…

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FreiLacke receives the Responsible Care Prize 2016

VCI distinguishes chemical companies for outstanding projects (Baden-Baden) – This year’s Responsible Care Prizes for Baden-Württemberg’s chemical industry are awarded to companies in Bräunlingen and Ladenburg: Under the motto “Our best projects – 25 years of Responsible Care”, FreiLacke and ICL-BK Giulini are the regional victors. What is Responsible Care? The Responsible Care initiative stands…

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Water-thinnable single-layer system featuring high flexibility

Water-borne baking coating in the functional furniture industry   Steel furniture, e.g. for the office sector, is often coated using powder, liquid or electrodeposition coatings. In many applications, these coating techniques are combined, which makes it necessary for systems to conform with one another in terms of gloss level, surface and colour shade. When opting…

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FREOPUR Polyurea-Gelcoats in series production

Application examples at Liebherr and Aquaproduction   The new FreiLacke gel coat based on an aliphatic polyurea system allows a reduction of the coating thickness in comparison to conventional polyester gel coats. A further advantage is its exceptional UV resistance. The advantages are obvious and they are now being implemented in series production at Liebherr/Lienz…

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FreiLacke focusing on its operations in Döggingen

FreiLacke will begin expanding its Döggingen location by approximately 5000 square metres at the end of the year. With this decision, managing directors Rainer and Hans-Peter Frei are not merely committing to the Bräunlingen district; they also want to score on the economic and employment markets. The two key goals to be achieved following the…

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PaintExpo trade fair a roaring success for FreiLacke

PaintExpo, the leading trade fair for industrial coating technology, opened its doors in Karlsruhe, Germany, from 19 to 22 April 2016. Döggingen-based company FreiLacke was extremely pleased with how the trade fair went and is expecting very good post-event business. Over 500 exhibitors and 11,000 visitors descended on the 6th PaintExpo in Karlsruhe – simultaneously…

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“Best Employer in B-W” award

In the regional Great Place to Work® competition “Best Employer in Baden-Württemberg 2016”, FreiLacke achieved seventh place in the category of medium-sized companies with between 50 and 500 employees. This was announced last week by the Great Place to Work® Institute Germany. The distinction is awarded to companies in all sectors and size classifications which…

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High-performance coatings for logistics

FreiLacke supplies almost all of the coating materials for Still forklift trucks   The silver and orange Still forklifts are used all over the world in plants, warehouses, forwarding companies and on construction sites – in some cases around the clock. In their day-to-day work, the versatile working machines lift heavy and often abrasive loads.…

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Brilliant surfaces without intermediate grinding

FreiLacke develops compact two-layer system for commercial vehicles   Commercial vehicles are exposed to all kinds of weather conditions: When used outdoors, especially their surfaces must be able to withstand harsh mechanical stress and dirt, as well as grit, frost, hail and UV rays. The vehicle’s surfaces must be well-protected for it to be able…

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Loadable design surfaces for all-purpose slicer

Coatings for All-purpose Slicers That Come into Direct Contact with Food Use of a coordinated powder coating on metal surfaces and a water-soluble 2C polyurethane coating on plastic surfaces   ritterwerk GmbH was founded by Franz Ritter in 1905, and has been developing and manufacturing standalone and integrated home appliances to simplify everyday kitchen tasks…

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