A complete solution for the mechanical engineering sector

System coatings and application solutions from a single source


The components of large machines and plants are often coated in different locations using different processes. System coatings and a coordinated service and logistics concept ensure that the components match perfectly visually once they are combined.

In the area of industrial coatings, the coating of large machines or plants, such as machine tools, play a special role. The quality of the coatings is subject to very high requirements, especially with regard to mechanical and chemical resistance. In addition, the coatings should feature good adhesion on a wide variety of substrates, high corrosion protection as well as good covering properties for welds or stress marks.

For this reason, coatings with structured surfaces are being used in many cases.

Homogeneous optics

In addition to all of these technical parameters there is another special challenge: The large number of components are often coated at different locations using different processes. Following the final assembly and merging of these components, the entire product is supposed to feature a homogeneous look.

In particular the characteristics of colour shade, gloss level and structure are features that are viewed as disruptive or as a flaw if they do not match. That this is unacceptable to suppliers and end customers in the case of high quality machines goes without saying.

Maximum coordination with different coating systems

For these customers, the coating manufacturer FreiLacke has presented a coherent concept that is centred around so-called system coatings. These are specially coordinated powder and liquid coatings which ensure that their visual features match as much as possible.

At the same time, FreiLacke offers a wide range of services, consisting of trainings and application-related consultation that supports subsidiaries and suppliers as they implement corporate guidelines.

Coordination of all information and tasks

Since coating tasks are usually handled nationally at many different locations, it is necessary for information and tasks to be collected and communicated at one location. In addition to the support that the regional sales force and the application technology department provide to individual production units, an additional contact person coordinates the implementation of corporate guidelines worldwide. This ensures that no information is lost – in particular in the case of the often very diverse tasks.

Nine different coatings in one system

The following example illustrates how complex this type of task can be. Complex machine tools are manufactured at a leading machine manufacturer and its suppliers by a total of 7 subsidiaries in Europe and one subsidiary in China.

At each location of the individual subsidiaries, there is a network of suppliers that supply the respective sheet metal parts and components on site. In addition, there are suppliers who, analogously to the customer, have their own global network of suppliers in order to be able to supply all subsidiaries at their respective locations.

In order to do justice to the resulting coating tasks, the required colour shades are available in many variants.

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