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Application Technology

How can we offer you true added value?

Most of our learning comes via our customers. They teach us the most important lessons. The more we get to know our individual customers an their business, and the deeper our understanding of their process, the most successful we become in offering a solution best suited to individual customer needs.

We see our customers as partners who warrant our optimal support.

Service - prior to delivery

  • Through testing of pilot equipment in-house, at pretreatment suppliers or equipment manufacturers, we assist with plant design and provide support for further optimisation.
  • Our application engineers will assist you in phasing in our coatings on your coating/production unit.

Service - during delivery

  • Your aim is to motivate your staff and enhance their skills? As partners, we help you provide your unit managers and coaters with training and professional development.
  • We undertake specific tests on actual workpieces for you and subsequently analyse the results with you.
  • We document and manage your processes in order to guarantee a continuous coating consulting.
  • Problems with your baking furnace?
    We will carry out a datailed examination of your furnace and optimise its settings.
  • We guarantee technical support at pre-determined intervals.
  • In case of coating of application-related faults, our technical service staff will provide rapid support.

Our application technology specialists would be pleased to answer any questions that you may have. Please contact us via e-mail at