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Quality – environment – safety

Introducing more colour into the world – probably one of the most attractive jobs ever. However, also one that carries some of the heaviest responsibility.

Measurable quality:

With its strict quality-management system, FreiLacke guarantees the safeguarding of its quality standards. The manufacture of high-quality coatings and coating materials is certified according to ISO 9001 and meets the extended requirements of the automotive industry in accordance with ISO/TS 16949.

FreiLacke controls all core and support processes in accordance with the Balanced Scorecard method (BSC). To this end, the economic and quality-related objectives are tested and adjusted at regular intervals. Regular audits serve to ensure that these test criteria, as well as customer and employee satisfaction, are observed.


Environmental protection is of fundamental importance:

As a member of the Verband der Lackindustrie, FreiLacke is actively committed to the concept of responsible care. Determining our own environmental policy and, since 1996, our commitment as part of the European Community’s system for certified environmental management (EMAS II certification) is a milestone in our company’s history and one of the most important investments in the future.

For FreiLacke, this is also linked with the need to develop environmentally-friendly products, to reduce emissions, packaging materials and waste, as well as the careful and economical use of resources. With regular self-assessment in an environmental declaration based on legal provisions for emissions and water-pollution control, we invest in sustainability, responsibility, ongoing and environmentally-friendly development and transparency.

For FreiLacke, advising our customers on the environmental aspects of our products in conjunction with handling, use, recycling and disposal is a natural part of this environmental responsibility. We are currently investigating the effects of the REACH regulation on the use of our raw materials and finished products.

No-compromise safety:

In order to observe statutory requirements, protect against accidents and fires and provide first aid and emergency care, we maintain an extensive prevention and treatment system that is operated by qualified safety and rescue workers.

FreiLacke stands for safety at the workplace and for protecting the health of its employees and neighbours. Training measures ensure that safety awareness is maintained at the workplace. This applies to the safety of both our own and external employees. This includes conscientiously instructing customers, administrative bodies and medical services about safety measures and potential risks by means of careful labelling, accurate safety datasheets and clear instructions.

In addition, FreiLacke cooperates closely with the Berufsgenossenschaft Chemie and other authorities. Our employees make a key contribution to implementing these common objectives. Their help and actions are essential for performing the wide variety of different tasks relating to occupational health and safety.

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Alfred Zischka

Alfred Zischka


Emil Frei GmbH & Co. KG
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