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Emil Frei GmbH & Co. KG
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Inexhaustible innovation spirit

At FreiLacke, we’re proud of our more than 85-year history. After all, it’s a real success story.

In 1926, Emil Frei senior, the company founder, had a visionary idea. In his shop in Döggingen, he wanted to advise painters and varnishers and supply them with the best materials for their work. Even then, he was in no doubt that, to be a reliable partner in the long-term, it is necessary to be completely familiar with customer needs and to prepare for new requirements with an eye to the future; this still holds true for FreiLacke today. This realisation has certainly paid off. Less than 25 years later, this wholesaler of coatings, paints and painting accessories had grown into a flourishing company with 60 employees.

In 1966, the company founder handed over the reins to his three sons. Under the management of Emil, Franz and Erwin Frei, FreiLacke concentrated on developing new technologies, for example, powder coatings. One of the many business areas in which FreiLacke today sets standards.

Today, the third generation, namely Dr. Rainer Frei and Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Peter Frei, is taking the company into the future. Innovation power – what was valid in the past is even more valid now. The basis of the successful economic activity is focusing on innovative products and processes. FreiLacke feel comfortable in all fields of industrial coating with huge future potential and are setting standards regarding service and quality.


Foundation of the business Emil Frei in Döggingen as a wholesaler for coatings, paints and painting accessories


25-year anniversary: 60 employees, 2 million DM turnover


Construction of a new factory with tank warehouse


Start of the development and production of powder coatings


Start of the development and production of electrodeposition coatings


50-year anniversary: 240 employees, 29 million DM turnover


Formation of the subsidiary Frei Lacke AB in Paarp/Sweden


New buildings: production, laboratory, administration


Start of production in the new liquid coating factory


Start of production in the new powder coating factory


Formation of the subsidiary OOO FreiLacke in Moscow/Russia


Formation of the subsidiary FreiLacke UK Limited in Birmingham/UK


75-year anniversary: 320 employees, 60 million Euro turnover


Start-up of the new logistics centre with high rack storage


430 employees, 110 million Euro turnover, 3 million Euro amount invested, R&D expenses 2.5 %, training quota 10.5 %

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